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Civeq makes investing in clean energy infrastructure accessible to everyone.


We are on a mission to change the relationship people have with the things that power our world. How?

We’re opening the door to opportunities previously only available to large corporations, accredited and institutional investors, and a limited number of community solar projects—by making clean energy investment accessible to everyday individuals, households, communities, and small & medium enterprises. Civeq leverages cutting-edge technology including blockchain to securely and digitally manage equity in assets such as solar PV arrays. This transparent and verified connection to real-world assets in real time translates into ‘Visible Equity.’

Visible Equity is your connection …to clean energy. climate-friendly infrastructure. …to your investment in the low-carbon economy.
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The Problem We Are Solving

In today’s market, asset-owning company structures (e.g., special purpose vehicles (SPVs)) sit between clean energy assets and investors. The problems are clear:


Lack of Liquidity: Shares in legal entities are practically impossible to trade, and investors are unable to monetise them over short periods of time.


Lack of Transparency: SPVs make it unnecessarily hard to access and monetise a clean energy asset’s attributes, such as solar energy generation or avoided carbon emissions. Investors have no visibility into actual, verified impacts.


Cost and Complexity: Value is lost through costs of due diligence and deal structuring. Current markets and PPAs fail to deliver the full value of attributes.


Visible Equity

Visible Equity gives you direct ownership of a known piece of a known clean energy asset, in a known location, delivering visible performance and returns, and a real positive impact on the climate. The benefits are clear:


Project Developers: For any clean energy asset, from solar to EV infrastructure, get more-efficient access to a liquid community of investors to build faster.


Investors: Enjoy total visibility and confidence in where your money is going, greater returns and full value for all attributes, and the ability to trade, cash in, and cash out... no matter how big or small.


Society and Business: Greater participation and visibility of the impact you are having, through your investment in clean energy assets, in terms of climate, energy, and carbon reduction.
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Fractionalised clean energy assets
Assets are fractionalised using blockchain technology into Visible Equity inside the platform, giving direct ownership of attributes (like energy and carbon) and sold in affordably priced 'lots.’


A visual connection
Users are able to view and interact with their holding. The UI/UX displays the visible growth of energy, avoided carbon, and financial value as the asset operates. This is a new relationship with the things that power our world.


Value that can be traded
Users can see the value of their holding grow in value. That value can be traded.


Available across all devices, our platform has the following features:

Easy onboarding of clean energy assets for developers.

Assets offered to the crowd: all investors, small or large.

Simple and transparent investment process.

High visibility of performance, impact, and profit.

Exceptional user experience for a visual and direct connection with your investment.

Scalable for future clean energy asset projects that are in development phase.


Civeq’s founding team comprises experienced renewable energy developers and energy-sector tech innovators (e.g, blockchain, business models). We have an exclusive and committed pipeline of solar projects from established developers, ready for investment. And we’ve assembled world-class partners for platform development, legal, and marketing services.

Neil Pennington

Neil is an innovator and technologist with deep, senior-level experience in the energy sector with companies such as BG, PwC, IBM, and RWE across networks, retail, energy services, smart metering, innovation, and IoT. He created and led the £250m Smart Programme for RWE in the UK, was a NED of Smart Energy GB, and was a founder member of the RWE (now Innogy) Innovation Hub where in 2015 he was instrumental in several blockchain PoCs. For the past 5 years he has worked in early-stage growth companies developing solutions across decentralised technology, blockchain, and digital identity, including micropayments, messaging, and decentralised energy, including with the Energy Web Foundation, Rivetz, Idoneus, and energy-sector companies and the Commonwealth. Neil has a BSc (Hons) in Physics, a PhD in electrical engineering, and an MBA from the London Business School. He has a strong reputation for disruption, creating and leading new energy business models.

Adriano Satta

Adriano has over 15 years experience originating, developing, and executing large utility-scale PV projects in the EMEA Region. Since 2006 he has successfully delivered in excess of 500 MW of PV and more recently 130 MW of grid utility energy storage projects. He has a vast network across the whole renewable value chain especially in Italy and the UK. Over the past 18 months he has spearheaded the origination of the Italian project pipeline for Flexygen and Regener8, which now exceeds 500 MW in development and the UK pipeline which is 288 MW. Adriano has an MSc in Energy, Environmental Technology, and Economics, completed the Fintech Programme, Alternative Finance & Business Development, University of Oxford, and has post-graduate diplomas in Urban & Regional Planning from Oxford and the School of Architecture, Venice.

Deepak Sareen

Deepak has worked in the renewable energy space since 2007. He has been involved in the acquisition, disposal, and development of more than 1 GW of solar projects for clients globally. Clients include publicly listed companies, funds, and private investors as well as technology partners throughout Europe, India, and the Philippines. Since graduating from Aston University, Deepak has gained over 20 years of experience with global leaders including Centrica, npower, GlaxoSmithKline, Oracle, O2, BT, Siebel Systems, and Lloyds Banking Group. Deepak is also investor, COO, and FD of Natterhub, having taken the product from idea to launch with over 2,000 schools signed in the first 6 months and raising first round funding.


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